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chapter 7
Fundamentals of
User Interface Design
I think another good principle is separating presentation or user interface
(UI) from the real essence of what your app is about. By following that
principle I have gotten lucky with changes time and time again. So I think
that's a good principle to follow.
Martin Fowler
User interface design is a software development issue that spans numerous topics,
so covering the subject in one chapter is quite ambitious, perhaps impossible to
do. Yet, user interface design is very important to tools development, so I felt the
need to cover at least a generalization of some important rules to follow while
designing your interfaces.
The importance of a good user interface design cannot be stressed enough, and it
can make or break the success and adoption of your tools. The backend may have
been written exceptionally well, yet an interface that is unintuitive to users will dis-
courage them from using your tool. Additionally, productivity will not be as high,
and users will feel incompetent when using the tool.
In this chapter, I will discuss some of the most important rules and guidelines for
designing user interfaces. The term control will be used in this context to describe
any element or widget on the user interface that either accepts input or displays
output. Some controls include buttons, static labels, textboxes, scrollbars, and menus.
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