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There are a multitude of ways to discuss traceability and how to achieve it, but
basically it all boils down to how well the application and underlying architecture
follow the design document specifications. Actors in a design document, the peo-
ple using a certain component in the system, should be easily identifiable in the
object model, and all functions should be named similarly to the associated use
cases. For example, if the design document specifies that there is a feature called
Search Entities and its associated code function is labeled FindEntityList , the
traceability between the documentation and code is low because further investiga-
tion is needed to make sure that function performs the correct task. If the function
was labeled SearchEntities , the traceability between the documentation and code
would be better.
Metric: Performance
Generally, one of the most difficult areas of any software product of ample com-
plexity is performance profiling and tuning. Performance describes issues like
memory leaks or how responsive the user interface is.
This metric typically profiles the application for declines in performance or misuse
of resources. Performance is very important to game tools because a responsive user
interface yields much more productivity than a tool with a sluggish user interface.
Some chapters later on in the topic cover performance, such as accessing perfor-
mance counters to profile operations and optimization tips and tricks for the .NET
The performance metric is sometimes combined with the efficiency metric in some
measurement contexts.
Metric: Usability
Another important issue in regards to software development is how easy it is to
reuse or extend a piece of software. In order to accomplish this, it is important that
the interfaces for the software are well-documented and easy to use.
A developer should be able to read the documentation for the tool and understand
what the tool is supposed to do at a high level. Additionally, a developer should be
able to read the source code and easily understand what is going on behind the scenes.
The usability metric is sometimes combined with the maintainability metric in
some measurement contexts.
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