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Figure 46.9
Screenshot of the registry editor.
One of the key features of Windows Installer is the ability to display user-friendly
interfaces that make deployment easier and more appealing to the average user. By
default, you are given a standard template for how the user interface looks and
flows, but this can all be modified through the user interface editor, as shown in
Figure 46.10. The user interface editor configures the dialogs that are shown dur-
ing the installation, and it can add new dialogs like user registration.
Figure 46.10
Screenshot of the user interface editor.
Finally, the launch conditions editor is used to specify the requirements that must
be satisfied in order for your application to be installed on the target computer.
Searches can be executed against the file system, registry, or previously installed
applications to validate that certain dependencies exist (outside of dependencies
that the installer automatically picks up on). By default, all .NET installations have
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