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Figure 46.5
File system editor; creating a new shortcut.
We need to specify where the file within our installation package is located so that
a shortcut can be created. Navigate to the Application Folder, select the primary
output from the SimpleApp project, and click OK (as shown in Figure 46.6). Doing
so will create a shortcut to the SimpleApp executable on the user's desktop after
installation has completed.
Figure 46.6
Selecting a file to create
a desktop shortcut to.
You can see the new shortcut we just created show up in the file system editor, as
shown in Figure 46.7.
Figure 46.7
Newly created shortcut shown
in file system editor.
The next editor we can use is the file types editor, which is used to associate file
extensions with an application. This editor allows you to register file extensions so
that you do not have to worry about this step programmatically when you launch
your application for the first time. The file types editor is shown in Figure 46.8.
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