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Figure 46.4
Properties for the SetupDemo
deployment project.
The first editor to cover is the file system editor that allows you to add files and
shortcuts to the installer, such as Start menu items. Figure 46.5 shows the file sys-
tem editor. By default you are presented with three special folders: Application
Folder, User's Desktop, and User's Programs Menu. All the executables, libraries,
text files, images, and all other supporting files needed by your application must
reside in the Application Folder. This folder can contain any number of files or
directories in any hierarchy that you want. You can also create shortcuts to files or
executables in the User's Desktop and User's Programs Menu folders. Additional
special folders can be created by right-clicking on the parent file system node and
selecting Add Special Folder.
Visual Studio Installer reads project dependencies, so you do not need to add components or system
files to your installer, except for ones that cannot be read from the source project, such as databases.
For our installer, we want to create a shortcut to the SimpleApp application on the
desktop. Navigate into the User's Desktop folder, right-click, and select Create New
Shortcut. This action is shown in Figure 46.5.
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