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With our new deployment project, we need to include the compiled executable
from SimpleApp into the installer. This can be done by right-clicking on the setup
project and selecting Project Output from the Add menu. A dialog will be pre-
sented, like the one shown in Figure 46.3, that prompts you to select what output
you want to package with the installer. Select the primary output option; this will
package the built assembly.
Figure 46.3
Dialog prompting for the type
of project output to add.
As it stands right now, you can build the setup project to produce an installer for
the SimpleApp project, but we will press on to configuration and customization.
Project Configuration
There are all sorts of customizations that can be done on the installer, but the first
area to customize is the properties section for the project. Figure 48.4 shows the
properties section for the SetupDemo project that can be accessed by right-clicking
on the setup project and selecting Properties. There are a number of properties
that you can set; you can see what each property is for by clicking in one of the
property fields and reading the description that appears on the bottom panel.
Once you have tweaked the project properties, you can move on to the various edi-
tors that are available for the installer. The editors are available through the View
menu when you right-click on the setup project.
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