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A major advantage of ClickOnce deployment is that the application can be kept
unaware of ClickOnce because there is no need to inherit from base classes or
implement interfaces. However, it is comforting to know that support is there
when you need programmatic control over ClickOnce for your deployment strategy.
In this chapter, you learned about ClickOnce deployment, and how it can quickly
be used to deploy software on user machines, along with a versioning strategy that
can keep the software up to date.
Code access security is beyond the scope of this chapter, so there was not much
discussion around security permissions with ClickOnce applications. This func-
tionality does exist in the publishing system, and there are some great tools that
you can take advantage of to make your life easier.
As mentioned earlier, ClickOnce deployment is a great deployment solution, but
it is not always the method you want for every situation. But for situations where
you want application isolation, ease of use, offline mode, and reliable versioning,
ClickOnce is a solution you can place your trust in.
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