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The application is now deployable, so we can move on to discussing how to go
about launching the application, configuration deployment settings, and pushing
Launching the Application
The application can be launched by navigating to the application manifest file in
the top-level folder of the deployment location. For this example, the path would
be http://localhost/SimpleApplication/SimpleApplication.application.
Before the application can launch, the ClickOnce runtime must first determine if
the prerequisites are installed, and then determine if the application itself is
installed. The application is launched if both checks are successful; otherwise, an
installer dialog is presented that will install the application along with the neces-
sary prerequisites. The runtime checks are performed while displaying the progress
dialog shown in Figure 44.7.
Figure 44.7
Progress dialog shown during
web-based launching.
Because this is the first time the application is launched, you will be prompted
with an installation dialog like the one shown in Figure 44.8. This trust dialog will
describe any warnings that are a result of the security settings for the application
and the installer. One warning in particular is that the publisher is unknown, but
this warning is very easy to fix and will be covered later on, in the deployment con-
figuration section.
Figure 44.8
Trust dialog during
application installation.
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