Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
chapter 42
Automating Workflow
Using Job Scheduling
Just because you don't know a technology, doesn't mean you won't be called
upon to work with it.
Mike Bongiovanni
Job scheduling has become an increasingly important role of computers. They are
most effective at automatically carrying out the scheduled routines of an organi-
zation. Some analysts believe that the level of job scheduling and process automa-
tion is altering the way workflow and business is done today. In actuality, the level
of automation used within software products or workflow pipelines is a result of
the growing needs of the industry. The industry is largely responsible for the
increased reliance on enhanced process automation, not the technology itself.
Some common applications for job scheduling include report generation, batch
conversion or compression of game assets, nightly system backups of source code
and game assets, and moving concept art from the “completed” folder on one
artist's machine into the “to be modeled” folder on another artist's machine. The
possibilities for this technology and how it relates to workflow enhancement are
nearly limitless.
There are a variety of job scheduling systems on the market that all support an
exhausting number of features, but essentially there are two fundamental compo-
nents: job and scheduler.
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