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Computer /nm./: a device designed to speed and automate errors.
—From the Jargon File
Perhaps the goal of every single company is to increase productivity, and although
the idea may sound simple, actually doing so can be quite a feat to accomplish.
There are many levels where productivity could be increased, but the chapters in
Part VIII will focus on a couple of techniques that can be employed in your tools
to boost productivity for your users. Part VIII focuses on process automation,
while Part VII mainly focused on productivity from a user interface perspective.
Essentially, productivity is the overall measure of an output quantity generated by
a given input quantity. An increase in productivity comes from an existing process
generating a larger output quantity using the regular input quantity. The increase
mainly results from a more efficient use of resources due to process improvements
or other achievements. The chapters in this part describe a couple of techniques
for automating components of your tools in order to produce more output quan-
tity compared to the original approach.
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