Game Development Reference
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this environment is any computer or configuration that is managed by the stake-
holders of the tool. The production environment is fairly similar to the staging
environment. All the deployment issues should be resolved when the application
reaches this environment, allowing for a clean install with no missing dependen-
cies or settings.
Building a software development plan with standards plays an important role in
development. A comprehensive plan is typically a waste for small tools, though
even a brief description in each section is generally sufficient enough. Keep in
mind that if you have standards that are applicable to other projects, if not all of
them, the extra time you spend writing a comprehensive section for a small tool
will be justified when you reuse those same standards in other tools that are of a
much larger scale.
Why not wait to write a detailed standard until it is needed for a larger project? You
can definitely do this if you want, but if you define the standards immediately, you can
build all of your tools to follow your specifications, promoting ease of maintain-
ability across all your projects.
On much larger projects, a thorough development plan and development stan-
dards are basically a requirement, especially when working with multiple developers,
each with his own coding and documentation style. Remember that consistency is
extremely important, and the best way to achieve consistency is through defined
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