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There are some additional steps that must be taken as well. Here is the usual process
for reloading a new extension dll.
1. Remove the existing extension dll and ShellExtension.dll file from the GAC.
2. Recompile your extension dll.
3. Place your extension and the ShellExtension.dll file back into the GAC.
4. Restart the Windows shell using the above technique.
You do not need to register your associations in the registry again unless the guid for your compo-
nent changes.
In this chapter, I discussed what a shell extension is, and how to create a context
menu extension in C#. Although extensions can be tricky to write and debug at
times, they can offer a significant boost to productivity and workflow. There are a
number of types of shell extensions that can be created, but covering them all
would require a topic in itself.
It was the intent of this chapter to discuss shell extensions, and then ramp up into
the development of a reusable framework that can be used to quickly develop con-
text menu extensions in the shortest amount of time possible.
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