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The /r runs the registration code, which will call the same static method that Regasm
does. Conveniently, you can also use /u to unregister the integrated extension from
Explorer as well.
Lastly, you must install the extension assembly ( exe or dll ) into the Global
Assembly Cache, including the ShellExtensionBase library so that windows can
find them based on the guid specified in the registry.
You can do this by either executing:
Gacutil.exe -i TheAssemblyToInstall
or by dragging the file into the assembly folder in your Windows directory.
You must sign your assemblies with a strong name key in order to install them into the Global
Assembly Cache. You can generate a strong name key with the sn.exe utility, or through the Signing
property page for the project.
After the extension has been successfully registered, the last step is to restart the
explorer.exe process so that your extension can be installed. See the next section
for a way to do this.
If everything has been done correctly, you should now be able to right-click on any
file with a .nxw or .nxe extension (using our example) and be able to see the new
context menu. Figure 41.2 shows this context menu with both extension types installed.
Figure 41.2
Screenshot of the context menu
extension in action.
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