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format.Format = Native.ClipFormatFlags.DropHandle;
format.DevicePointer = 0;
format.Aspect = Native.DvAspectFlags.Content;
format.Index = -1;
format.Medium = Native.TypeMediumFlags.Global;
StorageMedium medium = new StorageMedium();
dataObject.GetData(ref format, ref medium);
_dropHandle = medium.Global;
catch (Exception exception)
return 0;
The IContextMenu.QueryContextMenu() method is called whenever the context menu
is supposed to be displayed. This is where the menu is created and populated. First,
the popup menu is created. Then each file in the query is filtered against the exten-
sions array. Then the commands specific to the extension are registered, and the
submenu items are created and added to the parent menu item; finally, the parent
menu item is inserted into the Explorer context menu.
int IContextMenu.QueryContextMenu(uint menu,
uint menuId,
int firstCommand,
int lastCommand,
uint flags)
int id = 1;
if ((flags & 0xf) == 0 ||
(flags & (uint)Native.QueryContextMenuFlags.Explore) != 0)
_popupMenu = Native.CreatePopupMenu();
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