Game Development Reference
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public int Verb;
public string Parameters;
public string Directory;
public int Show;
public uint HotKey;
public uint Icon;
The MenuItemInfo structure defined below is known as MENUITEMINFO in the unman-
aged world. It contains information about a menu item. This structure is used
when adding new menu items to the context menu for a file object.
public struct MenuItemInfo
internal uint Size;
internal uint Mask;
internal uint Type;
internal uint State;
internal int ID;
internal int SubMenu;
internal int BitmapChecked;
internal int BitmapUnchecked;
internal int ItemData;
internal string TypeData;
internal uint Max;
internal int BitmapItem;
The ClipFormat structure defined below is known as FORMATETC in the unmanaged
world. It is a generalized clipboard format that describes the format of arbitrary
data. This structure is used when calling the IDataObject.GetData() method.
public struct ClipFormat
internal Native.ClipFormatFlags Format;
internal uint DevicePointer;
internal Native.DvAspectFlags Aspect;
internal int Index;
internal Native.TypeMediumFlags Medium;
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