Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
The following method is used to unload all the plugins and clear the plugin list.
This method is generally used when reloading plugins.
private void UnloadPluginDirectory()
bool subsequentCall = false;
foreach (PluginLibrary existingLibrary in plugins)
subsequentCall = true;
if (subsequentCall)
if (UnloadedPlugins != null)
UnloadedPlugins(this, EventArgs.Empty);
The following method is the starting point for the system at runtime. This method
will create the FileSystemWatcher object and the reload plugins thread, after which
the plugins are loaded from the plugins directory.
public void InitializePluginRuntime()
started = true;
if (autoReload)
The following method is used to stop the FileSystemWatcher and the reload plugins
thread, unloading all the plugins in the process.
public void ReleasePluginRuntime()
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