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The best programmers write only easy programs.
Michael A. Jackson
Improving the usability of your tools is a sound business strategy when appropri-
ate, and you can differentiate your work from the competition, and enhance your
success simply by following good engineering practices. Enhanced usability can
reduce development time and costs by ensuring earlier detection of problems.
Problems detected later in development or even during transition can cost 10 to
100 times more to resolve than problems detected early on. Much more testing can
be done on a tool when it is responsive and users can readily understand how to
correctly operate the tool. Making a tool easier for a user to work with will make
it easier for you and your team to accomplish your business objectives. One
important process to follow in order to develop a successful tool is the regular
measurement of user satisfaction; otherwise, you cannot be sure that you are deliv-
ering a successful user experience. User satisfaction objectives must take part in
driving the development of your tools.
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