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Artificial Studios is a relatively new company, but their custom technology is
cutting-edge, and their embracement of C# and the .NET platform is admirable.
They were recently purchased by Epic Games, and it will be interesting to see what
comes of the acquisition, and whether Epic Games will maintain a strong stand for
the .NET platform. Trends in the industry are pointing toward a larger percentage
of companies migrating legacy technology or tools to managed code. The old saying
“Time is money” is quite applicable to this issue, and if .NET can save a project a
significant amount of money, then its usage is justified.
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In this chapter, I discussed a few commercial-grade tools that have been used in
the development of some best-selling games. I hope the case studies presented
have given you some extra insight into building high quality tools and some use-
ful interface features to improve workflow. See each product's user manual for
more information on the specifics of each application.
Remember that the .NET class framework offers rich user interface controls and
should be used to improve the accessibility and workflow of your tools. An intel-
ligent user interface can save countless hours when it takes very few navigation
actions to perform a particular task.
As an example, imagine you have a tool that takes 7 seconds to perform a partic-
ular task. With this task being performed four times a day in a 22-workday month,
12 months of the year, you end up with a total time of two hours. Now imagine
that you have 20 designers performing this task. The total time spent on this task
would be 40 hours. If you introduce an accessibility feature that causes that same
task to take 2 seconds, with one designer, the total time spent is 35.2 minutes,
roughly a 342 percent improvement in efficiency. With 20 designers, the total time
spent would be 12 hours, saving you 29 hours that could be directed elsewhere.
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