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Figure 3.3 shows an area that was created in the editor and is now shown in the
actual game.
Figure 3.3 Screenshot of a map created with the Aurora Toolset running in-game.
It is important to note that the embedded viewport does not manage any physics,
networking, or gameplay functionality while running the editor. The scene is
merely displayed using a visual representation only, and the game won't actually
execute until the module is run from within the game engine.
The Aurora Toolset is a great piece of software, but it is only one, albeit big, tool
amongst numerous others that produce the content for a game. The NeverWinter
Nights module developer community appreciates the work put into the Aurora
Toolset, but only because the toolset shipped with the game. Had the toolset been
created for internal use only, the community would not have appreciated its value
as much or even known about it.
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