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If the total processor time spent on garbage collection falls on average above 30%,
you should consider tuning your allocation profile. Some applications can warrant
high activity, whereas others cannot; having an average above 30% does not neces-
sarily mean that your application is inefficient with memory. The course of action
to take is a judgment call, depending on the type of application and whether or not
there are performance issues.
An application with a good allocation profile will have most of its objects in
generation 0. You can tune this aspect of your profile by comparing the # Gen 0
Collections and # Gen 2 Collections . Figure 34.4 shows the performance monitor
utility with a variety of additional counters installed.
Figure 34.4 Showcase of a variety of GC performance counters.
The performance counters available in the .NET CLR Memory performance
object are described in Table 34.2.
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