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Another nice touch to the dialog shown in Figure 3.2 is the real-time 3D preview
of the edited creature in question. Although it doesn't propose much in regards to
functionality, the preview pane spices up the user interface and makes it much
more interesting to work with, as opposed to a normal data entry tool.
Figure 3.2 Property window used to modify creature attributes.
The goal of the Aurora Toolset was to cater to novice users, not necessarily people
who have experience with other world editing tools such as Hammer, Q3Radiant,
or any other complex brush- and constructive solid geometry-based editors. The
toolset had to allow users to build rooms and outdoor environments quite easily.
The toolset does not support polygonal or brush-based editing; instead it has a
collection of rooms, each with several variations in appearance from which to
choose. This functionality makes the tool easier to understand and use, but it also
supports enough customization to keep advanced users happy.
The Aurora Toolset harnesses an embedded viewport that renders the current area
as you would see it in-game. This functionality is great in the sense that you can
preview roughly how the area would appear in the game itself without the need to
launch NeverWinter Nights .
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