Game Development Reference
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chapter 33
Managing Items in the
Recent Documents List
Technology… the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to
experience it.
Max Frisch
An important feature of almost any software application is the ability to persist
and remember settings between different instances of the application. Putting user
interface customization aside, remembering commonly or previously accessed
files and providing the ability to reopen those files with a shortcut can be quite a
useful feature. Having recent document shortcuts without the need to navigate
through the traditional file system dialog can save a significant amount of time,
increasing productivity in the end.
The Documents folder (My Recent Documents folder on Windows XP and 2003)
on the Start menu contains a listing of recently accessed files and documents. One
of the most important design considerations for software is the concept of inter-
face transparency. An application should behave the same as other applications on
the operating system. This is so the user can easily navigate the application by
using knowledge learned from other applications. Users have come to expect that
recently opened or saved files from your application appear in the recent documents
list, so this topic will show how to programmatically interact with this feature of
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