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Figure 3.1 Main interface window of the Aurora Toolset.
At the top of the main window is a toolbar that offers tool selection and the abili-
ty to toggle certain display and functionality settings. Another toolbar at the bot-
tom of the main viewport controls the scene camera. The camera can be panned,
translated, rotated, and zoomed.
Figure 3.2 shows the properties of the Azer monster, and all the attributes that can
be customized or extended for it. Creatures in role-playing games are often com-
posed of a vast number of properties and scripts that define its behavior and abil-
ities. As such, this complexity can clutter the user interface of tools that are
designed to modify those properties and scripts. The way the Aurora Toolset
addresses this design issue is through the use of tab pages that each contain prop-
erties associated to a certain group. Users should never feel overwhelmed by large
numbers of data fields, so breaking the properties into groups represented on dif-
ferent tab pages was a good design move.
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