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public int TestInteger
get { return testInteger; }
set { testInteger = value; }
public override string ToString()
return string.Format(“TestString:{0}, TestInteger{1}”,
Custom data requires a unique format descriptor, which is created with the fol-
lowing line of code.
dataFormat = DataFormats.GetFormat(typeof(CustomData).FullName);
The simple data object has a static constructor that sets the static dataFormat prop-
erty so that the format can easily be plugged into the storage operation of the
The following code shows how to copy the CustomData object to the Clipboard.
CustomData data = new CustomData();
data.TestString = “This is a test”;
data.TestInteger = 12345;
IDataObject dataObject = new DataObject();
dataObject.SetData(format, true, data);
Clipboard.SetDataObject(dataObject, true);
Similarly, the following code shows how to retrieve the CustomData object from the
IDataObject dataObject = Clipboard.GetDataObject();
CustomData data = null;
if (dataObject.GetDataPresent(CustomData.DataFormat.Name))
data = (CustomData)dataObject.GetData(CustomData.DataFormat.Name);
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