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The Internet? We are not interested in it.
Bill Gates, 1993
For the most part, tools only need to manage data that exists on the host machine
of the tool, but there is an increasing demand for tools of a distributed nature for
certain processes. Some tools need to access a remote database containing schemas
for game entities, while some tools require the ability to download files off a remote
file share when appropriate. Some more advanced topics include distributed com-
puting architectures in order to disperse processor-intensive tasks over multiple
processing nodes. Another common use for network tools is to pass information
between applications that exist on the same machine. Creating a loopback endpoint
has been used by a number of tools to pass information between a managed and an
unmanaged application process without worrying about data formatting. However,
this approach will not be covered in this topic since superior techniques are shown
in Part V, “Techniques for Legacy Interoperability,” when discussing interoperability
with legacy applications.
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