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The X and Y members of the viewport are almost always 0, so we can go one step
further and come up with the following equations. The projection window also
coincides with the plane where Z = 1, so we can now set the Z component of the
3D coordinate we are trying to calculate.
There is one last factor that must be considered to correctly solve for W . Different
fields of view can be used to present a scene, and the projection matrix scales the
points on the projection window to simulate these fields of view. To reclaim the
original values before scaling occurs, we must transform the points by the inverse
of the scaling operations. The variable projection will be used to signify the pro-
jection matrix, and the subscripts represent the matrix entries. Entries 00 and 11
of a transformation matrix scale the X and Y values, so we can produce the fol-
lowing equations.
The Managed Direct3D Matrix object uses a slightly different numbering convention for row and
column entries. The properties M11 and M22 represent the 00 and 11, respectively.
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