Game Development Reference
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Next-generation games will require more and higher-quality content. The only
foreseeable way to adapt to this need is to produce better tools that create content
at both a higher volume and quality in a shorter amount of time. It is absolutely
vital that tools be available to designers earlier, and with very few bugs.
Additionally, the tools should also have user interfaces that are intuitive to design-
ers, and require as few clicks as possible to perform common tasks.
Reusability is also tremendously important, so that technology may be reused
across multiple projects, saving additional time and money. The .NET platform is
geared towards componential architectures and distributed software reusability,
making it an excellent choice in this regard.
The .NET platform even offers improvements to software deployment. One com-
mon problem plaguing deployment managers is the issue of “DLL Hell,” where an
older version of a library can be referenced on a system that has multiple versions
installed, generally causing software instability. .NET assemblies support a built-in
versioning system that solves the issue of incorrect library referencing, reducing
many problems related to deployment. The .NET platform is covered in greater
detail in the next chapter.
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