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on which child it wants to render. The IRenderWindow interface will be implemented
by all child windows to make the Render() method publicly accessible.
public interface IRenderWindow
void Render();
The next section of code describes an associative container class that contains ref-
erences to a swap chain, present parameters, back buffer, and render target control.
This class also contains a unique identifier and makes the association of a swap
chain to a child window extremely easy.
internal class SwapChainInstance
private int _id;
private SwapChain _swapChain;
private PresentParameters _presentParameters;
private Surface _backBuffer;
private Control _renderTarget;
public int Id
get { return _id; }
set { _id = value; }
public SwapChain SwapChain
get { return _swapChain; }
set { _swapChain = value; }
public PresentParameters PresentParameters
get { return _presentParameters; }
set { _presentParameters = value; }
public Surface BackBuffer
get { return _backBuffer; }
set { _backBuffer = value; }
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