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Figure 24.1 Screenshot of the potion database editor example on the Companion Web site.
Many applications store data in some fashion or another, but typically, any appli-
cation that processes significantly large amounts of data is using some sort of data-
base like SQL Server. The need arises when there are complex queries to perform,
or there are a number of associated entities and constraints to enforce. Database
servers are optimized for this type of storage and retrieval, so developing a home-
grown system will only work in certain situations. Databases also allow you to
enforce security settings determining which accounts can do certain tasks, and this
can aid in ensuring data integrity and thwarting data tampering.
There are some new features that have just been introduced with .NET 2.0 that are
not addressed by this chapter (like the new TableAdapter ). Since this chapter only
serves as a quick overview of basic ADO.NET functionality, I recommend that you
investigate the latest version of ADO.NET in greater detail if you are planning on
doing any significant work with it.
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