Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
chapter 17
Generic Batch File
Processing Framework
Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible.
Alan Kay
Of all the common elements in the majority of development tools, batch file pro-
cessing is used quite frequently by game tool programmers. It is not uncommon
for a game to contain multiple gigabytes of game content files, so batch file pro-
cessing is a must when a large volume of data is in need of alteration.
Some examples of batch file processing include generation of normal and texture
maps from a collection of source art, deleting all files where the file name match-
es a particular search string, and recursively copying a folder hierarchy to another
location when the directory layout is restructured.
The type of processing done on the files could be pretty much anything, although
the code behind recursively iterating through directories and files remains relatively
generic. Because effective use of time is essential when developing tools that our
coworkers are waiting on, especially when the tool is not overly complex, reusability
of common code is crucial. In this chapter, I present a generic batch file processing
framework that promotes reusability, strong design, and flexibility.
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