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Figure 13.8 Output from custom rule violation.
Lastly, it is important to mention that Microsoft has integrated FxCop analysis
into Visual Studio 2005. To enable integrated analysis, just go to the properties
page of the project, and then select the Code Analysis tab. Check the Enable Code
Analysis checkbox and configure the rules that you want to conform to.
You should end up with a dialog like the one shown in Figure 13.9.
The previous step has now configured your project to perform integrated code
analysis during the build process. By default, analysis issues and rule violations will
appear as warnings in the error list window, as shown in Figure 13.10.
This chapter discussed the importance of coding guidelines and using FxCop to
enforce them. Also surfacing was the apparent need to deviate from the proposed
norm, and ways to configure FxCop to perform customized analysis and enforce-
ment of both Microsoft- and project-specific policies.
Lastly, there are a number of online resources that cover how to build more complex
custom rules, one of which is the June 04 Bugslayer column from MSDN maga-
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