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Figure 13.4 Screen capture of the FxCop tool after analysis has been performed.
It may be acceptable to exclude certain rule violations from the analysis, and you
can accomplish this by right-clicking on the rule in question and selecting Exclude.
Exclusion should be done rarely and only with a solid reason. It is now mandatory
to give a reason why a particular rule violation was excluded. Figure 13.5 shows this.
Certain rules that FxCop throws an exception for can be somewhat vague, but
thankfully each rule has a referenced documentation page located on the FxCop
web site that discusses the rule in greater detail, including possible causes for why
a certain exception was thrown. Figure 13.6 shows the web page detailing a spell
check exception.
It is also important to keep in mind that not all errors are your fault, as even the
pre-2005 Visual Studio generation wizards have code that does not conform to
the design guideline standards. If you notice any errors resulting within the
InitializeComponent method, or any other auto-generated regions for that matter,
it is safe to exclude them.
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