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There are guidelines regarding abbreviations. Disregarding these guidelines can
lead to issues with interoperability or general confusion about the purpose of a
particular identifier.
Identifiers should not have contracted or abbreviated parts. Use SendReplyMessage
instead of SendReplyMsg .
Acronyms should be formatted using either Pascal or Camel case when consisting
of more than two letters. Never use acronyms that are not generally accepted or
known in the computing world.
Use abbreviations to replace lengthy phrases,
such as Http instead of
HyperTextTransferProtocol .
Identifiers and parameters should not be abbreviated. If you must use abbrevia-
tions, then you should use Camel case when the abbreviated word consists of three
or more letters.
The main focus of this chapter was to present an overview of the standardized
coding conventions that Microsoft encourages .NET developers to adopt. This is
in no way the full convention, but it is enough of a subset to show how code should
be written in C#.NET. For more information, please review the Microsoft Design
Guidelines for Class Library Developers located on MSDN.
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