Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
It is a good idea to name your properties the same name as the underlying types
when applicable.
private Color backColor;
public Color BackColor
get { return backColor; }
set { backColor = value; }
Naming Events
When naming events, the standard is to use Pascal case. Additionally, events
should never have a prefix or a suffix, and never use Hungarian notation.
Events should be named with a verb such as Launched, Clicked, Closing, or Paint.
Events in a pre-event context should be named with the -ing form of a verb, and
events in a post-event context should be named with the past tense of a verb.
Event handlers should have an EventHandler suffix. Additionally, event argument
types should have an EventArgs suffix.
public delegate void InterfaceControlEventHandler(object sender,
InterfaceControlEventArgs e);
public InterfaceControlEventHandler InterfaceControlClicked;
public class InterfaceControlEventArgs : EventArgs
private InterfaceControl _selectedControl = null;
public InterfaceControl SelectedControl
get { return _selectedControl; }
public InterfaceControlEventArgs(InterfaceControl selectedControl)
_selectedControl = selectedControl;
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