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It is “best practice” to use a static property instead of a static field whenever possible.
private static int MyStaticField;
Naming Parameters
When naming parameters, the standard is to use Camel case. Additionally, para-
meter names should be descriptive enough that their use should be evident by
their name alone.
Use a parameter name that describes its meaning rather than its type. Use type-
based names only when necessary.
Never use reserved parameters. These parameters are reserved for data that can be
added in with a later version of a particular component, and storing your data in
a reserved property can lead to issues with invalid data or software instability.
Never name parameters using Hungarian notation.
Type GetType(string typeName)
string Format(string format, object[] args)
Naming Methods
When naming methods, the standard is to use Pascal case. Additionally, method
names should be named using verbs or verb phrases. Method names should be
very descriptive, and the behavior of the method should be easily determined from
the name alone.
Naming Properties
When naming properties, the standard is to use Pascal case. Additionally, proper-
ties should be named using a noun or noun phrase, and never use Hungarian
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