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Figure 11.8
Main NDoc interface showing the loaded assemblies and project properties.
Once the Build Documentation button is clicked, the XML documentation file will
be processed and an MSDN-style .chm file will be generated at the location spec-
ified by the OutputDirectory property in the NDoc solution. Keep in mind that
you can switch the documenter plugin if you do not want MSDN-style documen-
tation and would prefer an alternative format. The MSDN-style .chm documenta-
tion will look something like Figure 11.9.
Source code documentation has always been regarded as a hassle to create, yet it is
important to promote maintainability. In this chapter, we saw another situation
where the .NET platform improved workflow productivity, specifically in terms of
generating source code documentation. Developers are generally conscientious
about source code commenting, and luckily most organizations have coding stan-
dards that enforce a certain level of consistency, but commenting your source code
and producing aesthetic documentation are two different challenges in themselves.
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