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NDoc can be downloaded at
Additionally, when source code is commented properly in the standard XML format,
Visual Studio registers the documentation and makes it available to IntelliSense.
Another great feature is that when you reference a .NET assembly which has com-
menting enabled, the generated XML comment file is copied locally, along with
the reference assembly, to make IntelliSense information available across multiple
This chapter shows how to properly configure a .NET project for code commenting,
and how to generate MSDN-style documentation using the XML documentation
file and standardized commenting techniques.
Configuring the Project
As discussed earlier, the first step to generating documentation for your source
code is configuring your project to export an XML documentation file. This file
will be used later by NDoc to produce our documentation files.
Start by bringing up the project properties window; the easiest way to do this is by
right-clicking on your project in the solution explorer and selecting Properties.
After you navigate to the Build tab, you should see the dialog shown in Figure 11.1.
Figure 11.1 Build configuration properties for a project.
You will notice that there is a property called XML documentation file under the
Output property group; that is the path that must be set for the documentation
file to be generated at. This path is relative to the project directory, and standards
suggest that the file name match the name of the assembly. For example,
NDocExample.dll should have an XML documentation file named NDocExample.xml .
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