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In addition to NUnit, there are a couple of other unit testing frameworks available
for C#.NET, such as csUnit. Some versions of Visual Studio 2005 also have a unit
testing framework built in, but this chapter was meant to focus on a solution that
does not require a particular IDE version to work.
Use whichever framework you feel comfortable with; I chose NUnit because it
works great for all my projects and is widely accepted throughout the .NET devel-
opment community. I have used csUnit for other projects when its use is a require-
ment for the project, and transitioning between csUnit and NUnit is extremely
easy. The attribute names are all the same, with the exception of varying support
for FixtureSetUp and FixtureTearDown , and a comparable Assert class exists in both
frameworks. There are a couple of naming differences between the Assert classes
in both frameworks, but they are minor. The biggest difference is that you will
need to reference the correct framework for csUnit and remove the reference to the
NUnit framework.
You can download NUnit at
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