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changed in the base framework, a change request must be sent to the development
team of the framework.
The best solution is to either get the source code or establish a reliable and effec-
tive change request system where requests are dealt with almost immediately, and
have a liaison from your team overseeing the modifications to make sure that
requirements and needs are met correctly.
Relevant Design Patterns
Design patterns provide reusable solutions to commonly encountered program-
ming problems, and there are a few that are applicable to this topic. The façade and
adapter patterns are very beneficial to architectures that suffer from composition-
al friction, and can be employed to reduce the friction between multiple frame-
works when used correctly.
Façade Design Pattern
This design pattern provides a unified high-level interface to a set of interfaces in
a subsystem, thus making the subsystem easier to use. A subsystem can be defined
as a set of classes or libraries that provide a solution to a given problem domain.
A framework can be thought of as a subsystem in the context of this topic. A depic-
tion of an architecture that is tightly coupled is shown in Figure 9.1. The façade
pattern is depicted in Figure 9.2.
Figure 9.1 Depiction of tightly coupled architecture.
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