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Figure 9.8. Polyboards are used to render the curved beams of light in this screenshot.
Shorter polyboards are also used to render the particles flying away from the blast point.
( Image from the C4 Engine, courtesy of Terathon Software LLC. )
Each edge of the polyboard constructed using the vertices
G ,
H ,
G ,
H , ,
G , H is perpendicular to the direction to the camera. Figure 9.8 demonstrates
beams of light rendered using this technique.
9.4 Polygon Reduction
When a model consisting of a large number of triangles is rendered far from the
camera, it is likely that many of the triangles make no perceptible contribution to
the resulting image. By reducing the number of rendered triangles as the distance
from the camera to the model increases, we can reduce the amount of computa-
tion needed to process the mesh as well as the amount of data sent to the graphics
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