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equilibrium points. Some existing literature about non-zero-sum stochastic
games is mentioned in Section 5.2. The current knowledge is still limited.
Games with time. The modelling power of continuous-time stochastic
models such as continuous-time (semi)Markov chains (see, e.g., Norris
[1998], Ross [1996]) or the real-time probabilistic processes of Alur et al.
[1991] can be naturally extended by the element of choice. Thus, we obtain
various types of continuous-time stochastic games. Stochastic games and
MDPs over continuous-time Markov chains were studied by Baier et al.
[2005], Neuhaußer et al. [2009], Brazdil et al. [2009b] and Rabe and
Schewe [2010]. In this context, it makes sense to consider various types
of strategies that measure or ignore the elapsed time, and study specific
types of objectives that can be expressed by, e.g., the timed automata of
Alur and Dill [1994].
The above discussed concepts are to a large extent orthogonal and can be
combined almost arbitrarily. Thus, one can model very complex systems of
time, chance, and choice. Many of the fundamental results are still waiting
to be discovered.
Acknowledgements: I thank Vaclav Brozek and Tomas Brazdil for reading a
preliminary draft of this chapter. The work has been supported by the Czech
Science Foundation, grant No. P202/10/1469.
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