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There are a few different ways to use the Predator. The best case is to
be surrounded by enemies, so the damage ring hits all of them. But this
rarely happens, since the other player can simply refuse to attack. The
Predator can also attack massed groups of enemies, but it won't hit with
most of its circular shockwave. Finally, the Predator can run into a group
of enemy workers and try to catch them in its damage ring. Beyond that,
there aren't very many more ways to use this unit. Its short range means
that it can't hide behind cover or shoot up ledges, and there are few good
synergies between it and other friendly units. Predator fights tend to play
out in the same few ways every time.
The Hellion is very different. The stream shape of its attack means
that its effectiveness varies dramatically depending on the geometry of
the environment and the enemies present. If many small enemies line up,
the flame stream hits all of them for massive damage. If they surround the
Hellion, its flame hits just one and is almost useless.
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