Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
StarCraft in Korea: Anonymous. “Why is StarCraft Popular in Korea?”
Ask a Korean! (blog). February 19, 2010. http://askakorean.blogspot.
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AI director design: Booth, Michael. “From Counter-Strike to Left
4 Dead: Creating Replayable Cooperative Experiences.” Speech
presented at Game Developer's Conference, San Francisco,
2009. Available online at
Chapter 11: Planning and Iteration
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Soren Johnson quotation: Johnson, Soren. “Design success means
knowing what to do with feedback.” Gamasutra . February 6, 2012.
knowing_what_to_do_with_feedback.php .
Half-Life was rebooted after one version: Birdwell, Ken. “The Cabal:
Valve's Design Process for Creating Half-Life .” Gamasutra . December
10, 1999.
valves_design_process_.php .
Human overconfidence bias: Kahneman, Daniel. Thinking, Fast and
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Barusch Fischoff's hindsight bias study with Nixon: Ibid.
Daniel Kahneman on the illusion of a predictable past: Ibid.
Serendipity while designing Tetr is and Braid : Thirion, Steph. “Game
Design by Accidents.” Speech presented at the Game Developer's
Conference, San Francisco, 2011. Available online at ht t p://gd c vau lt .
com/play/1014442/Game-Design-by .
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