Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 6: Balance
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and Analog Game Design , Costikyan, Greg, and Davidson, Drew (Eds.)
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Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, 2011. Available online at .
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Implicit goals: Ibid.
Chapter 7: Multiplayer
Professional fighting game players hide their skills: Sirlin, David.
Playing to Win . Page 114. Available online at .
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Phenotype (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 1999).
Game Theory Penalty Kicks: Chiappori, Pierre, Levitt, Steven, and
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When Players Are Heterogeneous: The Case of Penalty Kicks in
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Chapter 8: Motivation and Fulfillment
Rat brain wire study: Heath, R.G. 1963. “Electrical self-stimulation of
the brain in man.” American Journal of Psychiatry 120(6): 571-577.
B-19 study: Moan, C.E., and Heath, R.G. 1972. “Septal stimulation for
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