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Seasons A full seasonal cycle affects farming, construction, and
other activities.
Soap opera Infidelity and other romantic dramas play out among the
castle's inhabitants.
A game could include all of these elements, but how do we choose
which ones to focus on first? Do we start with fundamentals of the world
and build the seasons ? Do we begin with the characters , friends , and fami-
lies ? Or perhaps we should start with warfare, building a fighting. system
for battles between castle inhabitants and goblin raids ? Do we start with
the game's unique elements, like adventurers , or build a base using the ele-
ments that have been done before in other games, like walls and fighting. ?
The dependency stack helps us decide.
This is my dependency stack for Fantasy Castle :
There's little point in traps and fortification systems without function-
ing goblin raids . Goblin raids don't work without fighting. . Fighting doesn't
mean much without walls and can't work without characters . Walls require
a construction system, which requires characters to do the work. Each ele-
ment of the design depends on the elements below it.
Before we go on, let me clarify the concept of dependency.
DEPENDENCY doesn't mean that the foundational element must fail
to affect the dependent element. It only means that changes in the
foundational element's design would force changes in the dependent
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