Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Characters Characters can exist and move around in an environment.
Families Characters can have family relationships.
Races The castle can be filled with an extended family of humans,
elves, dwarves, and other fantasy races.
Interbreeding Different species can interbreed to create hybrids with
the shared characteristics of their parents.
Goblin raids Periodic goblin raids will test the castle's defenses.
Farming A farming and food system feeds the population.
Trading They can trade with neighboring castles for special or rare
Education Characters can become educated.
Invention Educated characters can invent new machines for the castle.
Religion Characters can build religious temples and worship at them,
develop relationships with specific deities, and receive characteristic
benefits from these deities.
Deity wrath Other deities will get angry and bring wrath upon you if
you disrespect them or worship their adversaries.
Friends Characters can have platonic relationships.
Romance Characters can have romantic relationships, possibly start-
ing families.
Construction Characters can build things.
Walls Characters can build walls to stop or channel foes.
Fortification Walls can be fortified and thickened to help hold back
Traps Characters can install traps or automated defenses.
Fighting Characters who know how to fight can do so to defend the
Raiding parties You can end out raiding parties to explore nearby dun-
geons and bring back loot.
Adventurers You can serve passing adventurers by providing inns
and shopkeepers in exchange for loot stolen from ancient crypts.
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