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he comes in the door Carol is not watching. The downside is that it
disturbs Carol's aim, and may also create footstep sounds, which give
Dave information about Carol's presence, location, and activity.
• At any time, Carol may stop waiting and charge outside.
If Carol chooses to charge out of the shed, she may or may not
encounter Dave:
• If she encounters Dave, yomi play ends since both players are in
sight of each other and there is no significant hidden information.
The game changes into a shooting and dodging challenge. The initial
advantage in this shooting challenge depends on how well Dave pre-
dicted Carol's move.
• If Dave predicted Carol would exit the shed through the correct
door, he may have simply set up in front of the door with his gun
trained on it. In this case, Carol is walking right into his sights
and almost certainly dies.
• If Dave predicted Carol would exit the shed, but wasn't sure which
door she would exit through, Dave may simply be in the vicinity,
trying to guard both doors but not focusing on one. This hedge
strategy leads to a relatively even shooting match, since neither
player starts with gun trained on the other.
• If Carol does not encounter Dave after exiting the shed, she has sev-
eral options depending on what she thinks Dave is doing.
• She can go around the shed and try to come up behind Dave as
Dave approaches the other door. If Dave was approaching the
other door slowly, Carol may be able to come up behind him and
shoot him in the back. On the other hand, if Dave was approach-
ing the other door quickly, he may have already seen into it and
discovered that Carol exited through the first door. He might now
choose to turn around and wait for Carol to come around the
shed, likely killing her, or he might think Carol fled through the
other door, in which case he will run through the shed and out
the other side.
Carol can try to flee the area entirely:
• If Dave was circling the shed quickly, he will come around the shed
and shoot Carol in the back as she flees.
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