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Bob's mind has been at rest for the four seconds since he reversed
course at the bridge. But now, his decision pacing spikes again.
He has just a moment to decide whether he wants to attempt to re-
trieve the AK-47 lying out in open territory. He wishes he knew more about
exactly who was shooting at him, and with what, but he doesn't have time
to find out. It would take another second to observe the exact armaments,
facing, and movements of his enemies and allies. And Bob doesn't have
another second, even though all this information is in front of him. So this
information is hidden by speed.
In an instant, Bob tries to look into the future, following each of his
potential options to a predicted conclusion. The outcomes are hidden
behind fuzzy cause and effect, but he can use his knowledge and skill
to see them, even if only in blurry, uncertain form. He feels a sense of
pleasure as his mind exercises its well-honed tactical skills.
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