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Bob sees that he is accompanied by only one other team member
in his flanking maneuver on the bridge less than he hoped for, which
will make it harder to make it across the bridge into his preferred close-
combat territory if there is resistance. Also, Alice's sniping skills have been
removed from the equation, making his risky flanking plan pointless.
Bob knows that his dead teammate dropped a weapon superior to his own
somewhere in the Main Courtyard. It would be good to get that gun , he
After a half-second of thought, Bob decides to abandon the bridge
route and join his teammates in the Main Courtyard. He reverses course
away from the bridge and passes through the large Double Doors. Here's
what Bob's decision pacing looks like right after the decision to reverse:
The low decision pace of his plan-following gave way to a large, com-
pressed decision about changing plans.
As Bob enters the Main Courtyard, he surveys the scene. His two
teammates are 20 meters away, in open territory, as is the dead teammate.
Indeed, the dead friendly dropped an AK-47, a much better weapon than
Bob's MP5. Bob wants it.
But a moment after Bob comes through the doors, his exposed team-
mates come under fire from remaining enemies along the western edge
of the Main Courtyard.
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