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Three of Bob's allies go through the Double Doors to the Main
Courtyard while one moves with Bob. Bob hears a gunshot. Looking at the
death announcement ticker, Bob gains new information: Alice killed one
of his teammates in the Main Courtyard. This doesn't affect Bob's plan;
it's what he expected. So he continues on his flanking path.
Just as Bob is approaching the bridge, however, the death ticker tells
Bob that Alice was killed. The map in Bob's head now looks like this:
Up until Alice died, Bob wasn't deciding much. His strategy was set
before the round even started, so his mind was mostly at rest as he ex-
ecuted his plan. He was just running the route he had planned.
Now, though, circumstances have changed, and Bob's mind springs
back into action. The pace of his thoughts revs up. His cup fills, though
not to overflowing. He takes in his circumstances.
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